7 methods against Unproductivity in the home office

While it was already everyday life for some people, many people had to adapt to working from home, especially at the beginning of Corona. Some did this more easily than others, but less peer feedback, little encouragement, and fewer interpersonal interactions increase unproductivity, risk of burnout, and risk of developing depression. You miss what used […]

Advantages of mental health prevention programs in the workplace

Mental health is recognized as an important component of health throughout a person’s life. It does not focus solely on mental health problems (including mental illness) but also addresses the positive aspects of mental health. This is because the ability of a person to function properly in the emotional, cognitive, and social spheres is a […]

The impact of depression on working life

Statistically, in almost every company there are depressed. What responsibility do employers or colleagues have when it comes to dealing with sick people? If an employee starts to appear unhappy and unmotivated, the employer has a big question mark written on his forehead. Is it a slump, a private reason, a burnout? Especially in times […]

Reprogramming – Our brain

Mathematics and the human brain In one of my math classes, our professor mentioned some interesting studies by John Von Neumann and when I researched further, I found a study where he showed connections and similarities between our brain and mathematics. I have been studying mathematics for 7 years now, and lately, my interest in […]

Melodies for billions – how music affects our emotional health

  You probably know it too, when the day was too stressful and the first thing you do after coming home is put your favorite playlist on to relax. Or when even if not everyone likes to admit it, it always gives you goosebumps when you hear Whitney singing “I will always love you”. Or […]

Our App in Checker Tobi “Gefühle Check”

Surely you’ve already seen Checker Tobi’s feature on the Kinderkanal (KiKA) about our Kid’s Emotional Training. Here is how Tobi Krell introduces us in his show ““Gefühle-Check”: “This is an app that aims to help children with the use of stories to cope better with fears or uncomfortable feelings.” You can watch the whole show here and also try LUMEUS for […]

Why children don’t sleep well

Is your child having trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, having nightmares, or can’t sleep at all? All these variants of sleep disorders have the same internal cause: inner Unruhe, Stress, Ängste Stress hormones are what keep us awake at night. Die Sehnsucht nach tiefem Schlaf ist schon deshalb so […]

Why are Emotions so important?

To put it simply: Our behavior is shaped by emotions from the very beginning. Everything we have experienced with negative emotions promotes fear, stress, or sadness imprints in our brain. Everything we have experienced with positive emotions elevates feeling-good, pleasure, but also addiction imprints. These imprints control us against our will in thinking, feeling, and […]

Daydreaming is good!

Even if you have been told from an early age not to daydream all the time – do it anyway! Psychologists have long known that daydreaming makes you happy, relaxed, and balanced. It strengthens your self-confidence, creative potential and helps you find strategies to solve problems. In addition, you can experience strong feelings of happiness […]

Das Unterbewusstsein

Auch du kannst die ungewollten Programme in deinem Unterbewusstsein selbst verändern! Teste unsere App einfach unverbindlich und kostenlos eine Woche lang. Du wirst schon nach kurzer Zeit merken, wie schnell LUMEUS, unser emotionales tägliches Training wirkt. Du fühlst dich schlecht – und kannst aber nicht so recht sagen, warum? Du reagierst immer wieder gestresst, ängstlich […]