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The Method
  • How and where should I do my training?

    We recommend listening to the audio training in a quiet place without interruptions daily. If possible, it is best to listen to the Emotions training with headphones at a volume that still feels comfortable to you. A good sound experience is important for generating emotions. For example, if you watch a movie with good sound in the theater with surround sound, you will probably be able to feel more emotions than if you watch the movie on your phone without headphones. And that also applies to LUMEUS. The better the sound quality, the better you can feel into the scenes. Try not to evaluate the audio scenes very rationally, but rather let yourself fall into the story and the music and experience the scenes emotionally. Because that is exactly what we want to achieve: to generate your emotions purposefully every day.

  • How often and when do I do my training?

    A training consists of different audio journeys and lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.

    You should do your training every day at a fixed time of day when you feel good and ready to absorb. We recommend listening to the training "Power of Emotions" and the "Mental Weight-Loss Training" directly after getting up in order to start the day powerful and healthy. The training works with strong emotions and thus causes a reconditioning or reprogramming of unwanted behavior patterns. The more intensively you experience emotions through the audio journeys, the greater the positive effect of the training. Therefore it is important that you are attentive and receptive. So if you are a morning person, it is best to start your day with the training. However, if you still feel very tired and sleepy in the morning, it is better to integrate a short break into your daily routine during the day or to take your time and do your training in the evening. However, you should not fall asleep while listening, as this will not trigger strong feelings that are responsible for the changes in the emotional center in the brain. 

  • Where can I download the app?

    You can download the app via our Website , in the Apple App Store or in the Google PlayStore .

  • Can I test the app for free?

    Yes, you can download and test the LUMEUS app for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To do this, you must first choose a license model (monthly or yearly). If you choose a monthly license model, you can test the app for one week for free and no fees will be charged if you do not like the app and cancel within the first week. If you choose an annual license model, you can test the app for two weeks for free. If you cancel the app within the two weeks, you will not be charged. If you don't cancel within the free trial period, you will automatically switch to the paid version of the app and can cancel your subscription monthly or annually afterwards (depending on the license model you choose).

  • When does it make sense to use the Herzog method?

    The Herzog Method can help you effectively and sustainably with a variety of psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, depressive moods and addictions. You don't need any prior knowledge, any special equipment (except your smartphone and headphones), and no medication. You are not bound to any appointments and can choose your training time freely. In the LUMEUS app, you learn independently how to access your emotions on a daily basis in order to dissolve unwanted behavioral patterns and to tackle the root of your problem. Because you have some of the best medication, your hormones, in your body. At LUMEUS, we show you how you can release your happiness hormones every day and help yourself effectively and for a long time.

  • When can I expect positive changes?

    Changing behavioral and thinking patterns that have been learned for years does not happen overnight, but unfortunately takes time. The beauty of emotional training, however, is that emotions are a survival mechanism and can therefore change behavior very quickly. This mechanism has saved us from extinction. This means that once you start the audio training and start experiencing emotions, you will quickly notice a change. At the beginning it can be small changes, but the more you listen to your training and the more intensively you can feel the harmonies, the faster new positive behavior changes will occur. For some participants this happens after a few days, for some after a month. To maintain these positive changes in the long term, you should listen to the tracks daily for 6-10 months.

  • What can I do if I don't notice any changes so far?

    If LUMEUS doesn't work for you right away, don't be discouraged! The process of change takes time. To learn more about how to use LUMEUS properly, we recommend reading the e-books. If you have any further questions, you can always book a one-on-one coaching session or send us an email ( We will be happy to support you in making sure that you use our training correctly and that it works. 

    If you are in a special emotional situation, we also recommend that you work more with our Harmonies. Listening to just three Harmonies a day for a week helps build self-confidence and can help you handle stressful situations better.

    Not everyone heals the same way. So be patient and do your training every day. The more intense you feel the emotions in the scenes, the greater the effect will be.

  • What is the best way to do the daily training?

    You should use your daily training daily in a quiet and undisturbed environment and preferably listen to it with headphones. You can find a more detailed guide in the LUMEUS app under each training.

  • Can I listen to the training while driving?

    We do not recommend listening to the trainings while driving. The more you can engage with the audio journeys, for example by closing your eyes, being in a safe and undisturbed environment and activating your imagination, the better the Herzog Method and the reprogramming of emotional responses in the brain will work. During a car ride, there are various external circumstances that cause the release of stress hormones in the body and draw attention away from the training. This interferes with the reprogramming that is supposed to take place and thus limits the effectiveness of the method. Therefore, it is better to take 10-15 minutes a day in a quiet place where you can focus your attention on your training alone. 

  • Does the training help to increase self-confidence?

    Yes, the training can also be used to strengthen self-confidence! For this we recommend listening to the tracks "Fire" and "A New Life Begins" daily for 10-15 minutes and preferably through headphones.

  • Does the training help to reduce anxiety?

    Yes, the training can also be used to reduce anxiety. For this we recommend listening to our relaxation exercises and the Harmony "Mountain" daily for 10-15 minutes and preferably through headphones.

  • How does the method work for people with chronic or mental illnesses?

    Since chronic depression is a serious condition and everyone has different symptoms and reacts differently, we can't give a general estimation of its impact on your condition. In any case, we recommend talking to your therapist/doctor about it. For legal reasons, we cannot give medical advice, and listening to the trainings is at your own risk. In case of depression, we recommend that you only work with the Harmonies for the first four weeks and listen to three Harmonies a day, as this will supply your body with happy hormones. Even if you can't feel positive emotions at the beginning, try to put your wishes into the Harmonies. With this approach we have achieved very good results with many clients with depressive mood or (reactive) depression. However, this does not apply to manic depression or bipolar disorder. In these cases a doctor should always be consulted.

  • The app does not launch correctly or the app content does not load. What can I do?

    If your app doesn't open or the content doesn't load or doesn't load correctly, you can try the following:

    1. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device.
    2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. This is the only way to load and open the app content.
    3. Make sure you have downloaded the latest software update to your device and installed the latest update of the LUMEUS app.
    4. If the app doesn't start or content doesn't load, try closing the app completely and restarting it or turning your device off and on again.

    If the above tips do not help you, feel free to email us at and we will try to fix the problem with you as soon as possible.

  • How can LUMEUS help me?

    LUMEUS offers the following mental health services:

    • Medical Health Care Information Services: Our Masterclasses provide medical health care information services accessible via the Internet.
    • Internet-Based Health Care Information: Discover more through our live webinars, where you can find extensive internet-based health care information services.
    • Insomnia Therapy Service: LUMEUS's app features sleep training that offers an effective insomnia therapy service.
    • Stress Reduction Therapy:Experience the power of emotion training within our app. This therapy service is designed for anxiety and depressive moods and can be easily integrated into your daily routines.
    • Therapeutic Prevention and Intervention Services:The app also provides therapeutic services that incorporate dance, music, and movement for adults and children aged 5-11 years old with mental health issues.
    • 1:1 Consulting Services:Personalized consulting services related to health care and mental health and wellness are available. These can be booked as 1:1 coaching sessions via email.
  • Health Insurance
  • How can I use LUMEUS via my health insurance?

    If you are insured by the public health system in Germany, you can get 1-2 preventive measures per year reimbursed by your health insurance.

    All persons with statutory health insurance have access to a prevention budget of around 150 euros (depending on the health insurance). Only courses certified by the Zentralen Prüfstelle für Prävention in Germany (ZPP) are reimbursed. 

    The prevention course ''Healthy Stress Management through Mindfulness and Positive Emotions - The 8-Week Online Training" by LUMEUS is certified and is reimbursed by all statutory health insurances in Germany. The amount of reimbursement depends on your health insurance and usually varies between 75 and 100% of the 75 EUR course costs. Check our Reimbursement Check to find out how much your health insurance reimburses you.

  • What does the prevention course contain?

    The course includes

    • 8 weeks online course
    • Guided meditations with music composed specifically for each track, seminars, interactive exercises, participant materials to download, quizzes, and much more.
    • Free access to the LUMEUS app incl. all emotional trainings for 6 months
    • Reimbursement of course costs by all statutory health insurances in Germany
  • Can I have the LUMEUS app prescribed by my doctor?

    No, the LUMEUS app is not a digital health app (DiGA) and therefore cannot be prescribed by doctors. 

    Instead you can absolve our Prevention course ''Healthy Stress Management through Mindfulness and Positive Emotions - The 8-Week Online Training" you can have the costs reimbursed by your statutory health insurance and thus receive a free access to the LUMEUS app incl. all emotional trainings for 6 months.

  • What is the purpose of the course?

    The course is designed to prevent stress, anxiety and inner turmoil. With the help of our emotional training you will learn successful methods to permanently reduce stress and anxiety and to experience and cultivate feelings of happiness.

    More information:

  • What are the exact course contents?

    The course consists of 8 units with following focus:

        1. Basics of the Herzog Method & MBSR
        2. The Power of Emotions
        3. The Power of Imagination
        4. Power Harmonies
        5. Affirmations
        6. The Power of Music
        7. Prevent and alleviate stress
        8. Prevent and alleviate anxiety

    A detailed description of the course units can be found on our website under Statutory Health Insurance, Course units of the prevention course and is available for download as Stundenverlaufsplan (in German).

  • Where can I purchase the prevention course?

    You can purchase the prevention course via the Coachy platform and via our website !

  • Can I get reimbursed for the full cost?

    The exact amount of reimbursement differs between the statutory health insurances (SHI). Take the Reimbursement Check on our website and find out how much your health insurance reimburses!

    If your health insurance is not listed there, ask your insurance directly about the amount of reimbursement for preventive courses.

  • My health insurance is not listed in the Reimbursement Check. What can I do?

    If your statutory health insurance is not listed, please contact your insurance for information on the reimbursement of ZPP-certified preventive measures and find out how much your health insurance reimburses you!

  • How much time do I have to complete the course?

    The course consists of 8 units and runs for 8 weeks. To successfully complete the course and get reimbursed, you must complete all units within the 8 weeks..

  • Can I choose myself when to do the training?

    Yes, you can choose the time at which you complete the units.

    In order to complete the course successfully, you must complete one unit each week during the 8 weeks of the course.

  • LUMEUS for Work
  • What exactly is LUMEUS for work?

    The LUMEUS employee program for businesses consists of a one-year access to the LUMEUS app for your employees, an introductory seminar, coaching, a group seminar as a follow-up, and the possibility to contact our customer support at any time. For more information, visit our website at "LUMEUS for Work" and the following link:

  • Account
  • How do I sign up for the newsletter?

    Subscribing to the LUMEUS newsletter Health Companion is possible at the very bottom of our website:

  • How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    To unsubscribe, scroll to the bottom of each email/newsletter and click "Unsubscribe Now".

  • How do I delete my LUMEUS account?

    You can delete your account under the settings. First, click on the icon at the top right of your home screen in the LUMEUS app. Then you will find "User Information" at the very bottom a button "Delete Account".

  • How does data protection work at LUMEUS?

    You can find all information about data protection here:

  • I have forgotten my password - how do I get a new one?

    To reset your password, first click on "I already have an account" at the very bottom of the LUMEUS app. Now you will get to the home page where you can log in. Click on "Forgot password" and enter the email address connected to your LUMEUS account. Then open your email inbox. You will receive a link by email that will redirect you back to the LUMEUS app where you can set a new password.

  • I'm not being sent a link to reset my password - what's going wrong?

    It may take a few minutes before you receive an email. It is also possible that it will end up in the spam folder. In some cases, there may also be technical problems. So if you haven't received any mail after several minutes and checked your spam folder, please perform the password reset again.

  • How can I change the language of the LUMEUS app?

    You can change the language under Settings. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, go to User Information and Language. There you can select English or German.

  • I forgot to cancel my subscription. Can I get a refund?

    Yes, if you have been charged for a subscription that you no longer want, you can cancel it.

    An Apple refund works as follows: 

    1. Log in to .
    2. Click on "I want" and then select "Request a refund". 
    3. Select the reason for the refund and click on "Continue".
    4. Select the app, subscription, or other item and click Send. 

    A refund on Google PlayStore works as follows: 

    1. Go to
    2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
    3. Click on Payments & Subscriptions.
    4. Click on Report Problem for the order you want to return.
    5. Wähle die Option aus, die Ihre Situation am besten beschreibt.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Depending on whether you use an Apple or Android device, the cancellation process is different:

    Apple Store:

    1. Go to "Settings" and click on your name at the top. A small window may open and you will need to log in with your Apple ID password.
    2. Click on "Subscriptions" and select the subscription you want to manage.
    3. Click on the "Cancel subscription" button. If you don't see "Cancel subscription", the subscription has already been canceled and will not be renewed.


    1. Open the app Google Play store and check if you are logged in with the correct Google account
    2. Click on the menu with three dashes > Subscriptions.
    3. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
    4. Click Cancel Subscription.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Depending on whether you use an Apple or Android device, the cancellation of your subscription works differently:

    Apple Store:

    1. Log in to .
    2. Click "I want", and then select "Request a refund".
    3. Select the reason for the refund, and then select "Continue".
    4. Select the app, subscription, or other item, and then select Send. If you've been charged for a subscription you no longer need, you can also cancel it.

    Android Play Store:

    1. Open the Google Play app.
    2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
    3. Click on Payments & Subscriptions.
    4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
    5. Click on cancel subscription.
  • Trainings
  • How does the Herzog Method work in the mental weight loss training?

    When we are frustrated, stressed, sad, angry, or bored, the body forces us to eat without being hungry. Everyone eats for two reasons: firstly, to survive, secondly, to get rid of negative feelings caused by stress, unhappiness, sadness or frustration, etc. This frustration eating / stress eating is not needed by the body to survive, only to feel good again. Overweight is the result. A new reaction to stress and bad feelings. We get rid of this overweight by training our body to react differently to frustration, boredom, sadness, or stress etc. The Mental Weight-loss Training consists of three different mental listening exercises that permanently change the way the body reacts to negative emotions. These reactions are anchored in our bodies like roots of an ancient tree. These roots are removed step-by-step from the 1st listening exercise, a so-called "negative scenes". The negative scenes (8-10 min. playing time per scene) are mental perception trainings, which prevent eating too much fatty, sweet and altogether too much food out of negative emotions. Listening to the negative scene once can be thought of as pulling out part of those roots. Instead of the old roots, new, healthy reactions are to be planted. This is the purpose of the positive scenes. They teach the body to react to frustration with new, healthy behaviors (drinking water, drinking tea, exercise). Many users notice after a very short time (e.g. after the first week of daily listening) that they are less hungry, perceive food differently (e.g. lose the desire for something sweet, such as cola) while the desire to exercise, drink tea and eat salad increases greatly.

  • Is it possible to relapse after doing the audio training?

    The Herzog Method is not a diet and therefore does not have a yo-yo effect. The Mental Weight-loss Training changes the way you feel about food and changes your metabolism. It is a fundamental change in eating behavior that has a long-term effect and leads to permanent weight loss. Rather, there is an absolute ban on dieting and restricted weighing with the Herzog method. With Low-Carb or Paleo, FDH or pineapple diet or with food substitutes in powder form it concerns diets: one forces oneself with discipline certain things preferentially to eat, altogether less to eat or replaces meals with powder. As long as you follow the diet strictly, it usually works quite well. The body receives fewer calories than it burns and you lose weight. The problem is that over time you lose discipline and your metabolism works increasingly slowly, and then at some point you return to your former, habitual (addictive) eating behavior. It is often the case that an external event interrupts and brings the diet to a standstill: you are under particular stress at work, something happens that affects you emotionally (sadness because of a loss, difficulties in a relationship or with a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.). One feels (emotionally) bad. The body reacts with the old help programs, because it knows: "when I feel bad, I eat something, then I feel better again (through the happy hormones that are released while eating). We experienced food with good feelings early in our childhood. If we are not feeling well today, we have stress, are frustrated, etc., then the body wants to feel good again. For many people, food is then the means of choice to feel good again (so-called addictive eating) - you eat even though you are not hungry. The famous stress-eating, frustration-eating, etc. The bad thing is that many are then totally desperate and blame themselves because they have the feeling that they have failed again.

    Wieso legt man die verlorenen Kilos schnell wieder zu (JoJo-Effekt)?

    Science has three reasons for this: First, something happens on the neurological (nervous) level. By dieting, you automatically think about food much more often. It has been proven that the body reacts much more strongly to food (when you see food, for example), because dieting is always accompanied by selection or prohibitions. You can imagine it like a small child: it always wants what it is not allowed to have. Eating seems much more attractive in the result of a diet and the desire to eat something increases. As soon as the diet is over, it crashes: you love food even more than before, the desire is simply too great to keep the weight off. Second, there are measurable changes at the hormonal level (our emotions are hormones, they control how we feel). Once you start losing body fat on a diet, that also changes your hormonal balance. The amount of hormones that make us feel full decreases when we diet. At the same time, the hormone level (= amount of hormones) of the hormones that make you feel hungry increases. You feel full later and you feel hungrier. Not a good combination and a difficult condition to keep the weight off after a diet. The third reason why it is difficult to keep the weight after a diet is a change in metabolism: the body changes to a so-called hunger metabolism. The metabolism automatically slows down, the body realizes: "There is less to eat, then I should be prepared to cope with less food". Dieting is nothing more than a malnutrition and the body notices that. It adjusts to hard times and the metabolism shuts down. You notice this, when you pay attention to your body during a diet and then feel, for example, that you are less efficient. If the diet is now over or if you simply stop and start eating again as before, the hunger metabolism is still active in the body for a while and now the body thinks to itself: "great, now energy is really coming in again, but I don't need it right now (because the metabolism is still shut down), I'll store it as fat as a precaution so that I can call up the energy again in bad times".

    Kein JoJo-Effekt beim Mentalen Schlankheitstraining

    The Mental Weight-loss Training changes eating behavior and especially the brain's reaction to stress, boredom, sadness, and bad feelings in general. As a result, one has fewer cravings for sweets, fatty foods and eats less overall (which is the effect of the negative scenes). The feelings about food are changed. At the same time, the positive scenes make one feel more like drinking water, drinking tea, eating salad, and exercising. In sum, the changed eating behavior leads to a weight loss that is permanent, because one has reprogrammed the basic eating behavior, stimulates the metabolism through the many happy hormones that are released daily. It is important that the method is carried out daily for 8-10 months, so that the wrong eating behavior is completely deleted and only the new, healthy eating behavior, which has been taught to the brain through Mental Weight-loss Training, is present. The Max Planck Institute in Munich, together with doctors, has tested the method over several years on patients: they all lost weight and this over a period of more than 2 years. Here you can read all about the study and its results:

  • Can I start or do the mental weight loss training during a time of deep grief?

    During a phase of grief, one has strong negative emotions which lead people who react to bad feelings with food to eat more, even without being hungry. The Mental Weight-loss Training can still be applied here, because it brings strong positive feelings into the body through the positive scenes and harmonies, which positively influence the eating behavior. We have heard from several participants that the grieving phase could be ended very quickly through the Mental Weight-loss Training and at the same time the bad eating behavior was reprogrammed through the negative scenes. There is a lot of evidence that Mental Weight-loss Training has a very positive effect in a phase of grief.

  • How do vegetarians react to the method?

    Many vegetarians experience the following: they feel disgust very clearly when listening to the meat scenes, especially since they don't eat meat and can't stand it or find it disgusting. This is a very good sign, since the Mental Slimming Training works well for users who feel strong emotions like disgust. The training also involves many vegetarian foods (e.g. chocolates as a symbol of sweetness), but this is not necessary for the method to work for you. As you may have heard in the rehearsal scenes, it is also about reprogramming the inner attitude towards food. Eating in general is banned from your mind and through the positive scenes new programs are installed that lead to you no longer being bored/frustrated/sad etc.. The negative scenes in which fat occurs, target all fats, as long as you are disgusted by fat (in sausage), the desire for too many vegetarian or vegan foods that contain fat will also reduce (cheese, cream, oil, nut mousse, for example, is also very fatty, etc.). Fats are then perceived negatively in the subconscious and this is also achieved with meat scenes. As a result, the subconscious perceives fat differently. On the contrary, as a vegetarian or vegan, you should feel the disgust even more, since you don't eat meat and may even find it disgusting. You can see the meat and the fat associated with it as synonymous with all fats. Imagine, while listening to the scenes, that you are an actress and are forced to eat this now and imagine how you feel the lumps of fat in your mouth. I am pretty sure that you will then perceive too greasy vegan food differently in the future, even the vegetarian and vegan foods that are very greasy. The negative scenes play on fat, sweet and "too much". Sentences like "You feel the pressure" will change your body perception and that will help your subconscious to deal with food differently. Boredom is often associated with frustration and frustration produces stress hormones. The body has learned that it can reduce these stress hormones very well with opposite feelings, namely happiness hormones. And these happiness hormones are produced with every bite of food. This explains the connection between boredom and food.

  • Why is it necessary for success to listen to the negative scenes?

    The negative scenes are crucial for the success to permanently change and delete the addiction program, because only with negative feelings in connection with too much, too sweet and too fatty food the body develops the normal eating behavior again. You learn to listen to your body again and to eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full. You program your subconscious to the eating behavior of an unconditioned child. It is therefore quite possible that you will feel nauseous during the negative scenes. This reaction from your body shows that you are doing everything right.

  • Should I always listen to the negative and positive scenes together in one training?

    In order to feel better after the negative scenes and so that the nausea does not last too long, you should listen to the positive scenes directly afterwards for 5 minutes. This way you get out of negative feelings quickly and your subconscious learns that it makes you happy to experience healthy ways of living (e.g. exercise in nature in connection with strong feelings of happiness, drinking tea in connection with security). In stressful situations in the future, your subconscious mind will no longer try to comfort you with food but with a walk or a cup of tea that promises you feelings of happiness. So you can easily retrain your subconscious with the negative and positive scenes and start the day with strengthening feelings towards yourself.

  • Any questions?

    Contact us here or email us