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Sleep is just one Harmony away.

Restful sleep is the basis for a happy life. With our emotional sleep journeys, you learn how to improve your sleep and reduce or even cure sleep problems, sleep disorders and insomnia. A daily listen to LUMEUS' sleep training increases the quality of your sleep permanently.

Content of the training

Relaxation Exercises Instrumental

Relaxation exercises for relaxation and inner peace. These audio exercises will help you let go of the thoughts of the day.

Sleep Harmonies

Sleep Harmonies for inner peace, serenity, and peaceful sleep. These are "fantasy journeys" enhanced with classical music that let you sink into a deep and restful sleep.

Relaxation Exercises Instrumental

Instrumental tracks for your personal "fantasy journeys" to fall asleep and relax.

Experience change today


Erlebe eine bessere Nachtruhe und einen ausgeglichenen Körper & Geist! Das innovative Mindstretch-Programm von BioRICS bietet personalisierte Einblicke in deinen mentalen Energieverbrauch und hilft dabei, chronischen Stress frühzeitig zu erkennen.

Mit der Kombination aus BioRICS und LUMEUS kannst du deine Schlafqualität verbessern und deine tägliche Energiebilanz optimieren. Sei bereit für mehr Energie und Kraft!


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Michaella Moss

The speaker for the English version of the Emotional training for Kids and Adults is Michella Moss, who has been the voice of a PBS Nature documentary, Regent Cruises, Scott Cawthon (FN@F) to name a few, and numerous audio books. Michella lives and works in the peaceful wilderness of a forest in British Columbia, Canada.
Michella has the kind of voice that speaks for itself. Her skills include not only voice acting but also music and lyric composition and production - including singing.

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Dagmar Herzog

The speaker of the German version of Emotional Training for Adults is Dagmar Herzog, known as the founder of the Herzog Method and multiple bestselling author. Dagmar has already helped more than 300,000 people with her distinctive voice to become healthy and happy again.

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"I now handle situations that used to stress me out and throw me off track in a completely different way. It's a miracle to me that something like this is possible. Also, my sleep has improved a lot and the way I'm out in the world is completely different."


"A thousand thanks! Tears came to my eyes when I was lying with Philipp (8) during the relaxation exercise. It took him almost 2 hours to fall asleep. Now we have tried the Emotional Child Training. The exercises and the music are so nice and it worked right away. After the starry sky exercise Philipp fell asleep directly (note: after about 15 min). It is a very good and in addition so beautiful method, so that he can let go of his thoughts, which still revolve around the day! Thank you very much!"


"Our children Simon and Paula (6) suddenly started to have sleeping problems due to many changes in our lives. They had trouble falling asleep and often woke up several times during the night. My son even had panic attacks at night and I could only calm him down after 1 hour of hugging him tightly. I tried the Emotional Kids Training with both of them. The first time they listened to it I was with them, the second night they listened to it alone. After 1 week my son has not had a panic attack since and sleeps through most of the nights. My daughter says that she has much better dreams. A really great program, which helped us a lot!"


"I can highly recommend the app. My children had negative thoughts before going to sleep. The music and the beautifully spoken pictures helped them get over this phase. A clear recommendation from my side!"


"Our son Timo (8) was often very restless in the evening. I let him listen to the relaxation exercise in his bed before going to sleep. He suddenly breathed very calmly and relaxed. His facial features were completely relaxed. He fell asleep toward the end of the exercise. I'm quite amazed at how quickly the exercise works."