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Emotional Weight-loss Training

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Emotional Weight-loss Training

In Emotional Weight Loss Training, we work specifically with positive and negative feelings to "reprogram" your mind. In this way, old emotional patterns such as eating=happiness are transformed into new, better ones such as drinking tea=happiness. Working with feelings is what makes the Herzog Method so successful. Reach your desired weight without strict diet plans or sweaty sports and keep it permanently with the help of Emotional Weight Loss training!

Content of the training

Positive scenes

Positive scenes for a healthy lifestyle. These are spoken visualizations that, for example, associate exercise in nature or drinking water with feelings of happiness

Power Harmonies

Power harmonies for more self-esteem, confidence, and inner peace. A positive self-image supports you in losing weight because feelings of happiness stimulate the metabolism.

Audio Seminars

Audio seminars for more background knowledge on emotions and brain research. Here you will learn why losing weight through diets only works in the short term and how the Herzog Method helps you to change your eating behavior quickly and permanently.

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Our children Simon and Paula (6) suddenly started to have sleeping problems due to many changes in our lives. They had trouble falling asleep and often woke up several times during the night. My son even had panic attacks at night and I could only calm him down after 1 hour of hugging him tightly. I tried the Emotional Kids Training with both of them. The first time they listened to it I was with them, the second night they listened to it alone. After 1 week my son has not had a panic attack since and sleeps through most of the nights. My daughter says that she has much better dreams. A really great program, which helped us a lot!"


"The audio training has totally changed my life. I am no longer afraid of the next day, I feel good about myself and I no longer feel like my life is a constant challenge. I live my full life, experience strong feelings of happiness every day and have energy. This is a new experience for me!"