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Positive scenes

Positive scenes strengthen our relationship with healthy food. We link these positive habits that help us live a healthy lifestyle to positive emotions. Experience visualizations that link exercise in nature and drinking water with feelings of happiness. 


Here we will tie into the unhealthy side of your eating behavior, such as eating out of frustration or eating out of sadness to feel better. We will develop certain emotions for these situations in our negative scenes. These emotions release hormones that override addictive programs in your brain and change immediate eating behaviors.

Power Harmonies

Increase your self-esteem, confidence and inner peace with Power Harmonies. A stronger self-image stimulates the metabolism and promotes the weight loss process.

Audio Seminars

Every 4 days for the 1st month an exciting audio seminar awaits you. Dive into the world of emotion and brain research. Understand why diets work in the short term and how the Herzog Method enables sustainable changes.

(In German) eBook: Schlank für immer trotz Diätverbot

Our eBook "Slim Forever despite diet ban" explains the mental weight loss training by Dagmar Herzog in further depth and the key to the desired weight and the transformation of eating behaviour. The core point is the reprogramming of obstructive behaviours from the past that make us react in the same way again and again.

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Dagmar Herzog-Bühler:
Speaker of the training & Founder of the Herzog-Method

Focus areas:

▪ Gründerin der Herzog-Methode

▪ Coach

▪ Bestseller Autorin

▪ Kooperationen mit Psychologen, Medizinern und Versicherungs

The speaker of the German version of Emotional Training for Adults is Dagmar Herzog, known as the founder of the Herzog Method and multiple bestselling author. Dagmar has already helped more than 300,000 people with her distinctive voice to become healthy and happy again.

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Our Success Stories

,,Auch ich habe mir die Hörprobe runter geladen und angehört. und ich muss sagen, ich bin geplättet! Sowas habe ich nicht erwartet. ich muss nicht mehr ans Essen denken, die Waage ist auch keine Bedrohung mehr für mich. Ich esse nur noch wenn ich Hunger habe und nichts mehr süßes zwischendurch. Ob ich jetzt abgenommen weiß ich nicht aber ich fühl mich klasse! Danke”


,,Ich bin nun seit 12 Tagen dabei und kann ganz klar sagen, dass sich jetzt schon meine ganze Einstellung zum Essen verändert hat. Es ist schon krass, wie mein Leben vom Essen bestimmt war. Ich denke nicht mehr oft daran, esse deutlich weniger, trinke mehr, werde achtsamer. Fressattacken bleiben seitdem aus. Die positiven Suggestionen beeinflussen bereits mein ganzes Leben. Absolut empfehlenswert!”

Kirsa R.

,,Ich habe dem Programm nicht viel Chancen gegeben, als ich im Mai damit startete. Schließlich lagen schon 5 Jahren mit allen möglichen Versuchen hinter mir, wieder auf mein Wohlgefühlgewicht zu kommen. Heute morgen habe ich mal die Waage rausgeholt und kann es nicht fassen. Das erste Mal seit 2011 unter 100 kg. Ich kann es nicht fassen. Und das ohne Diät und ja, ich nasche auch und esse, worauf ich Lust habe. Trotzallem habe ich fast 10 kg verloren.”

Ilki R.

“Ich habe nun tatsächlich einen Neustart getan. 2 Tage MST und fühle mich wunderbar dabei. Mein Körper verlangt auch nicht mehr nach so viel Süßem wie ich in den letzten Wochen. Juhu!!!”


"I have experienced positive changes in my eating behavior since the first few days of use. I suddenly eat much less sweet. I automatically have more desire for fresh things, salad and vegetables and generally eat smaller portions. I am convinced by the program and the ease of use and can only recommend it."

Amanda N.

"In the meantime, I have lost over 16 kg myself and am maintaining this new weight despite holidays, invitations and other food, because today the most delicious food can no longer tempt me if I am not hungry. If, on the other hand, I am hungry, I eat every bite with gusto and until my body tells me that it is full, and there can still be half a portion on the plate - I leave it there."

Marion S.

"I am still at the beginning, yet I consider it the best program I have tried so far. Especially for addiction eaters. I'm sure it works for the rest of the weight loss eaters as well, however, I think the addictive eaters will feel an even quicker response to the program. I am still in the beginning stages, yet I think it is the best program I have tried so far. Especially for addictive eaters. That is, those who have such real binge eating episodes where "it eats you."

Petra T.

"Great program, it will stay with me all my life, I can now have a bar of chocolate sitting on the kitchen table and it doesn't interest me. It's a whole new experience for me."

Ingrid B.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does the Herzog Method work in the mental weight loss training?

    When we are frustrated, stressed, sad, angry, or bored, the body forces us to eat without being hungry. Everyone eats for two reasons: firstly, to survive, secondly, to get rid of negative feelings caused by stress, unhappiness, sadness or frustration, etc. This frustration eating / stress eating is not needed by the body to survive, only to feel good again. Overweight is the result. A new reaction to stress and bad feelings. We get rid of this overweight by training our body to react differently to frustration, boredom, sadness, or stress etc. The Mental Weight-loss Training consists of three different mental listening exercises that permanently change the way the body reacts to negative emotions. These reactions are anchored in our bodies like roots of an ancient tree. These roots are removed step-by-step from the 1st listening exercise, a so-called "negative scenes". The negative scenes (8-10 min. playing time per scene) are mental perception trainings, which prevent eating too much fatty, sweet and altogether too much food out of negative emotions. Listening to the negative scene once can be thought of as pulling out part of those roots. Instead of the old roots, new, healthy reactions are to be planted. This is the purpose of the positive scenes. They teach the body to react to frustration with new, healthy behaviors (drinking water, drinking tea, exercise). Many users notice after a very short time (e.g. after the first week of daily listening) that they are less hungry, perceive food differently (e.g. lose the desire for something sweet, such as cola) while the desire to exercise, drink tea and eat salad increases greatly.

  • Is it possible to relapse after doing the audio training?

    The Herzog Method is not a diet and therefore does not have a yo-yo effect. The Mental Weight-loss Training changes the way you feel about food and changes your metabolism. It is a fundamental change in eating behavior that has a long-term effect and leads to permanent weight loss. Rather, there is an absolute ban on dieting and restricted weighing with the Herzog method. With Low-Carb or Paleo, FDH or pineapple diet or with food substitutes in powder form it concerns diets: one forces oneself with discipline certain things preferentially to eat, altogether less to eat or replaces meals with powder. As long as you follow the diet strictly, it usually works quite well. The body receives fewer calories than it burns and you lose weight. The problem is that over time you lose discipline and your metabolism works increasingly slowly, and then at some point you return to your former, habitual (addictive) eating behavior. It is often the case that an external event interrupts and brings the diet to a standstill: you are under particular stress at work, something happens that affects you emotionally (sadness because of a loss, difficulties in a relationship or with a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.). One feels (emotionally) bad. The body reacts with the old help programs, because it knows: "when I feel bad, I eat something, then I feel better again (through the happy hormones that are released while eating). We experienced food with good feelings early in our childhood. If we are not feeling well today, we have stress, are frustrated, etc., then the body wants to feel good again. For many people, food is then the means of choice to feel good again (so-called addictive eating) - you eat even though you are not hungry. The famous stress-eating, frustration-eating, etc. The bad thing is that many are then totally desperate and blame themselves because they have the feeling that they have failed again.

    Wieso legt man die verlorenen Kilos schnell wieder zu (JoJo-Effekt)?

    Science has three reasons for this: First, something happens on the neurological (nervous) level. By dieting, you automatically think about food much more often. It has been proven that the body reacts much more strongly to food (when you see food, for example), because dieting is always accompanied by selection or prohibitions. You can imagine it like a small child: it always wants what it is not allowed to have. Eating seems much more attractive in the result of a diet and the desire to eat something increases. As soon as the diet is over, it crashes: you love food even more than before, the desire is simply too great to keep the weight off. Second, there are measurable changes at the hormonal level (our emotions are hormones, they control how we feel). Once you start losing body fat on a diet, that also changes your hormonal balance. The amount of hormones that make us feel full decreases when we diet. At the same time, the hormone level (= amount of hormones) of the hormones that make you feel hungry increases. You feel full later and you feel hungrier. Not a good combination and a difficult condition to keep the weight off after a diet. The third reason why it is difficult to keep the weight after a diet is a change in metabolism: the body changes to a so-called hunger metabolism. The metabolism automatically slows down, the body realizes: "There is less to eat, then I should be prepared to cope with less food". Dieting is nothing more than a malnutrition and the body notices that. It adjusts to hard times and the metabolism shuts down. You notice this, when you pay attention to your body during a diet and then feel, for example, that you are less efficient. If the diet is now over or if you simply stop and start eating again as before, the hunger metabolism is still active in the body for a while and now the body thinks to itself: "great, now energy is really coming in again, but I don't need it right now (because the metabolism is still shut down), I'll store it as fat as a precaution so that I can call up the energy again in bad times".

    Kein JoJo-Effekt beim Mentalen Schlankheitstraining

    The Mental Weight-loss Training changes eating behavior and especially the brain's reaction to stress, boredom, sadness, and bad feelings in general. As a result, one has fewer cravings for sweets, fatty foods and eats less overall (which is the effect of the negative scenes). The feelings about food are changed. At the same time, the positive scenes make one feel more like drinking water, drinking tea, eating salad, and exercising. In sum, the changed eating behavior leads to a weight loss that is permanent, because one has reprogrammed the basic eating behavior, stimulates the metabolism through the many happy hormones that are released daily. It is important that the method is carried out daily for 8-10 months, so that the wrong eating behavior is completely deleted and only the new, healthy eating behavior, which has been taught to the brain through Mental Weight-loss Training, is present. The Max Planck Institute in Munich, together with doctors, has tested the method over several years on patients: they all lost weight and this over a period of more than 2 years. Here you can read all about the study and its results:

  • Can I start or do the mental weight loss training during a time of deep grief?

    During a phase of grief, one has strong negative emotions which lead people who react to bad feelings with food to eat more, even without being hungry. The Mental Weight-loss Training can still be applied here, because it brings strong positive feelings into the body through the positive scenes and harmonies, which positively influence the eating behavior. We have heard from several participants that the grieving phase could be ended very quickly through the Mental Weight-loss Training and at the same time the bad eating behavior was reprogrammed through the negative scenes. There is a lot of evidence that Mental Weight-loss Training has a very positive effect in a phase of grief.

  • How do vegetarians react to the method?

    Many vegetarians experience the following: they feel disgust very clearly when listening to the meat scenes, especially since they don't eat meat and can't stand it or find it disgusting. This is a very good sign, since the Mental Slimming Training works well for users who feel strong emotions like disgust. The training also involves many vegetarian foods (e.g. chocolates as a symbol of sweetness), but this is not necessary for the method to work for you. As you may have heard in the rehearsal scenes, it is also about reprogramming the inner attitude towards food. Eating in general is banned from your mind and through the positive scenes new programs are installed that lead to you no longer being bored/frustrated/sad etc.. The negative scenes in which fat occurs, target all fats, as long as you are disgusted by fat (in sausage), the desire for too many vegetarian or vegan foods that contain fat will also reduce (cheese, cream, oil, nut mousse, for example, is also very fatty, etc.). Fats are then perceived negatively in the subconscious and this is also achieved with meat scenes. As a result, the subconscious perceives fat differently. On the contrary, as a vegetarian or vegan, you should feel the disgust even more, since you don't eat meat and may even find it disgusting. You can see the meat and the fat associated with it as synonymous with all fats. Imagine, while listening to the scenes, that you are an actress and are forced to eat this now and imagine how you feel the lumps of fat in your mouth. I am pretty sure that you will then perceive too greasy vegan food differently in the future, even the vegetarian and vegan foods that are very greasy. The negative scenes play on fat, sweet and "too much". Sentences like "You feel the pressure" will change your body perception and that will help your subconscious to deal with food differently. Boredom is often associated with frustration and frustration produces stress hormones. The body has learned that it can reduce these stress hormones very well with opposite feelings, namely happiness hormones. And these happiness hormones are produced with every bite of food. This explains the connection between boredom and food.

  • Why is it necessary for success to listen to the negative scenes?

    The negative scenes are crucial for the success to permanently change and delete the addiction program, because only with negative feelings in connection with too much, too sweet and too fatty food the body develops the normal eating behavior again. You learn to listen to your body again and to eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full. You program your subconscious to the eating behavior of an unconditioned child. It is therefore quite possible that you will feel nauseous during the negative scenes. This reaction from your body shows that you are doing everything right.

  • Should I always listen to the negative and positive scenes together in one training?

    In order to feel better after the negative scenes and so that the nausea does not last too long, you should listen to the positive scenes directly afterwards for 5 minutes. This way you get out of negative feelings quickly and your subconscious learns that it makes you happy to experience healthy ways of living (e.g. exercise in nature in connection with strong feelings of happiness, drinking tea in connection with security). In stressful situations in the future, your subconscious mind will no longer try to comfort you with food but with a walk or a cup of tea that promises you feelings of happiness. So you can easily retrain your subconscious with the negative and positive scenes and start the day with strengthening feelings towards yourself.

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