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Your course for stress reduction and prevention

  • Certified prevention course for stress reduction
  • Field of Action: Multimodal Stress and Resource Management
  • 8-week course with 8 learning units
  • Based on MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) and positive psychology

Your benefits

  • Feel better, sleep better and be more relaxed and stress-free
  • Up to 100% reimbursement from your health insurance!
  • Access to the LUMEUS app included for 6 months
  • Diverse content with an effective and healthy stress management method
  • Based on MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) and positive psychology
  • Scientifically tested and confirmed method
  • Over 300,000 success stories
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How the reimbursement works

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1. Purchase the prevention course

Purchase the prevention course for €75 and save the purchase receipt you receive after the purchase.

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2. Complete the course successfully

Complete all 8 course units in 8 weeks to receive your certificate of attendance.

3. Use the LUMEUS app for free

After purchase, you receive a free 6-month access to the LUMEUS app including all trainings via email.

4. Receive your certificate of attendance

After completing the course, you are issued a confirmation of participation in the member area of Coachy, which is available for download.

5. Get the costs reimbursed

To get reimbursed, submit your purchase receipt and confirmation of attendance to your health insurance.

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Your Coach

Susanne Wieder:
Graduate psychologist, psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher

Focus areas: Causes of stress and stress reduction, mindfulness and meditative exercises.


Susanne Wieder is your coach of the prevention course "Healthy stress management through Mindfulness and positive Emotions - The 8-week Online Training" and accompanies you on your way to a relaxed and stress-free self.

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Units of the course

Kurseinheit 1

1: Learn the basics

Kurseinheit 2

2: The Power of your Emotions

Kurseinheit 3

3: The Power of Imagination

Kurseinheit 4

4: Our Power Harmonies

Kurseinheit 5

5: Working with Affirmations

Kurseinheit 6

6: The Power of Music

Kurseinheit 7

7: Prevent or alleviate stress

Kurseinheit 8

8: Prevent or alleviate anxiety

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Learn methods to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen your health!

  • In 8 weeks to a more stress-free and relaxed self
  • Under the guidance of a certified psychologist, psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher
  • Methods for healthy stress management and the reduction of anxiety and depressive moods
  • Up to 100% reimbursement by your statutory health insurance
  • Incl. the LUMEUS app and all emotions trainings for 6 months for free

Certified by the Cooperation Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds for the Certification of Prevention Courses - § 20 SGB V

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Health Insurance
  • How can I use LUMEUS via my health insurance?

    If you are insured by the public health system in Germany, you can get 1-2 preventive measures per year reimbursed by your health insurance.

    All persons with statutory health insurance have access to a prevention budget of around 150 euros (depending on the health insurance). Only courses certified by the Zentralen Prüfstelle für Prävention in Germany (ZPP) are reimbursed. 

    The prevention course ''Healthy Stress Management through Mindfulness and Positive Emotions - The 8-Week Online Training" by LUMEUS is certified and is reimbursed by all statutory health insurances in Germany. The amount of reimbursement depends on your health insurance and usually varies between 75 and 100% of the 75 EUR course costs. Check our Reimbursement Check to find out how much your health insurance reimburses you.

  • What does the prevention course contain?

    The course includes

    • 8 weeks online course
    • Guided meditations with music composed specifically for each track, seminars, interactive exercises, participant materials to download, quizzes, and much more.
    • Free access to the LUMEUS app incl. all emotional trainings for 6 months
    • Reimbursement of course costs by all statutory health insurances in Germany
  • Can I have the LUMEUS app prescribed by my doctor?

    No, the LUMEUS app is not a digital health app (DiGA) and therefore cannot be prescribed by doctors. 

    Instead you can absolve our prevention course ''Healthy Stress Management through Mindfulness and Positive Emotions - The 8-Week Online Training" you can have the costs reimbursed by your statutory health insurance and thus receive a free access to the LUMEUS app incl. all emotional trainings for 6 months.

  • What is the purpose of the course?

    The course is designed to prevent stress, anxiety and inner turmoil. With the help of our emotional training you will learn successful methods to permanently reduce stress and anxiety and to experience and cultivate feelings of happiness.

    More information:

  • What are the exact course contents?

    The course consists of 8 units with following focus:

        1. Basics of the Herzog Method & MBSR
        2. The Power of Emotions
        3. The Power of Imagination
        4. Power Harmonies
        5. Affirmations
        6. The Power of Music
        7. Prevent and alleviate stress
        8. Prevent and alleviate anxiety

    A detailed description of the course units can be found on our website under Statutory Health Insurance, Course units of the prevention course and is available for download as Stundenverlaufsplan (in German).

  • Where can I purchase the prevention course?

    You can purchase the prevention course via the Coachy platform and via our website !

  • Can I get reimbursed for the full cost?

    The exact amount of reimbursement differs between the statutory health insurances (SHI). Take the Reimbursement Check on our website and find out how much your health insurance reimburses!

    If your health insurance is not listed there, ask your insurance directly about the amount of reimbursement for preventive courses.

  • My health insurance is not listed in the Reimbursement Check. What can I do?

    If your statutory health insurance is not listed, please contact your insurance for information on the reimbursement of ZPP-certified preventive measures and find out how much your health insurance reimburses you!

  • How much time do I have to complete the course?

    The course consists of 8 units and runs for 8 weeks. To successfully complete the course and get reimbursed, you must complete all units within the 8 weeks..

  • Can I choose myself when to do the training?

    Yes, you can choose the time at which you complete the units.

    In order to complete the course successfully, you must complete one unit each week during the 8 weeks of the course.

  • Know from

    ,,Ein Besuch des Seminares „Kraft der Emotionen“ hat mein Leben sehr positiv beeinflusst und meine Psyche gefestigt und somit meine Augenkrankheit insofern weit verbessert, als ich heute ohne Probleme einen Film von eineinhalb Stunden ansehen kann. Die Kraft der Emotionen wirkt bei mir tatsächlich im Sinne der Worte und macht mich körperlich und seelisch sehr stark."


    ,,Mit Deiner Methode des emotionalen Trainings habe ich mich endlich aus meiner mehrjährigen Depression befreien können. Bereits nach 3 Wochen regelmässigen Trainings löste sich die morgentliche Angst und Antriebslosigkeit auf. Nach 1 Monat konnte ich die tägliche Einnahme der Benzos ( Temesta) absetzen und empfand wieder Lust am Leben und freute mich auf den Tag und die vielen Dinge, die ich anpacken wollte! Ich bin wieder glücklich und froh!"


    ,,Seit September benutze ich sowohl "Die Kraft der Emotionen" als auch das "Mentale Schlankheitstraining" täglich als erstes am Morgen und als letztes am Abend. (...) Trotz meiner körperlichen Einschränkungen (Handgelenke, Finger) habe ich es im November geschafft, meine Weihnachts-beleuchtung auf dem Balkon aufzuhängen. Das Schlaftraining hilft mir, viel besser zu schlafen und das wirkt sich sehr positiv auf meinen Körper aus, so dass ich mich insgesamt viel besser fühle."

    Monika L.

    "I now handle situations that used to stress me out and throw me off track in a completely different way. It's a miracle to me that something like this is possible. Also, my sleep has improved a lot and the way I'm out in the world is completely different."


    "I started the ZPP program the day before yesterday and will gladly give comprehensive feedback in the next few days. In short: I am thrilled, the audios are pure happiness! Best regards and thanks."


    "The audio training has totally changed my life. I am no longer afraid of the next day, I feel good about myself and I no longer feel like I have to pass life like a test. I live, experience strong feelings of happiness every day and have energy. This is a new experience for me."


    "I let myself get less stressed and take things easier. I rest a little more in myself. The positive scenes have changed my tea consumption (I really enjoy a cup of tea now and then and feel really good about it) and after listening to the Harmonies I feel very satisfied. It's good for me to exercise like this. I am curious to see how the changes feel after 10 months and what is still to come. ''


    "I feel as one with my body again. Listening to the Harmony tracks, I feel liberation, love, happiness and energy."


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