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Reimbursement via private health insurances

For insured persons of ottonova

All Ottonova customers who have taken out comprehensive health insurance or supplementary insurance can purchase a 12-month license incl. a 25% discount for the LUMEUS app through ottonova's health X offer.
As a participant in health X, you pass on your feedback and suggestions for improvement to ottonova in order to make the insurance of the future even better.
With your active participation, you build up a budget step by step that you can use for selected services that support your healthy lifestyle. You submit your invoices via the app afterwards and get the costs reimbursed in the amount of the budget you have acquired. You can use your purchased budget for apps in the areas of 'Eat', 'Move' and 'Mind', for example. The LUMEUS app can thus be purchased by ottonova health X members and used for stress reduction and healthy sleep.

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"I now handle situations that used to stress me out and throw me off track in a completely different way. It's a miracle to me that something like this is possible. Also, my sleep has improved a lot and the way I'm out in the world is completely different."


"I started the ZPP program the day before yesterday and will gladly give comprehensive feedback in the next few days. In short: I am thrilled, the audios are pure happiness! Best regards and thanks."


"The audio training has totally changed my life. I am no longer afraid of the next day, I feel good about myself and I no longer feel like I have to pass life like a test. I live, experience strong feelings of happiness every day and have energy. This is a new experience for me."


"I let myself get less stressed and take things easier. I rest a little more in myself. The positive scenes have changed my tea consumption (I really enjoy a cup of tea now and then and feel really good about it) and after listening to the Harmonies I feel very satisfied. It's good for me to exercise like this. I am curious to see how the changes feel after 10 months and what is still to come. ''


"I feel as one with my body again. Listening to the Harmony tracks, I feel liberation, love, happiness and energy."


"The greatest success for me is the fact that I no longer react to my "down phases" with unrestrained eating attacks. Supported by the Harmonys that I perform daily, I have also noticed that the intervals between my mood lows have become significantly longer. The duration and intensity of the depressive lows have decreased noticeably."


"My life has changed so much since the last six months that I am overwhelmed by it myself. I am already thinking about whether I should / would like to celebrate twice a year birthday. Once my physical, own birthday and once my emotional".


LUMEUS Health Companion

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