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The Herzog Method

The Herzog Method changes our evaluation of situations and creates new behavioral patterns. As a result, illnesses can be prevented and cured. The scientifically proven emotion training treats anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, and insomnia as well as addictive behavior, such as obesity or nicotine addiction. It can be used preventively as well as acutely.

Who is behind the method?

The founder of the Herzog Method is Dagmar Herzog. 43 years ago (1980) she developed the first emotional training program, the "Mental Slimming Training", to get rid of an eating disorder herself. She recognized that addictive substances such as alcohol, cigarettes or food are always associated with positive emotions. Therefore, her method focuses on reprogramming the subconscious mind with emotions through targeted training. The focus is on generating positive emotions and linking them to new behavior patterns. In this way, new behaviors are established and old, disturbing or even harmful patterns are discarded. Over the years, Dagmar developed her method further and created the Mental Sleep Training and the Power of Emotions Training. In the meantime, the Herzog Method has been scientifically validated and has helped over 300,000 people. Verena Herzog-Pohl, Dagmar's daughter, developed Emotional Children's Training together with Dagmar, building on the program. As a mother, it is important to her to convey feelings of love, security and self-confidence to her children, even when she cannot be there. Therefore, Emotional Child Training was developed to teach children that these feelings arise within themselves and that they can control them themselves. By experiencing positive feelings in the visualizations - which are fantasy journeys that evoke emotions in combination with classical music - children learn to reduce stress, anxiety and depressive moods themselves.

Why are positive emotions so important?

Resilience strengthening

After crisis situations, positive emotions help promote resilience and protect against depression


Positive emotions also help improve cognitive skills such as memory and concentration.

Immune system

Positive emotions trigger the release of hormones in the body that increase the activity of immune cells and can protect us from diseases.


Positive emotions have a positive effect on our own environment. They make us friendlier and more open to new relationships.


Positive emotions have the unique ability to calm the body and increase well-being.

What role does the music play?

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