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Scientifically proven

The Herzog method has been scientifically proven and its effectiveness has been successfully tested in many studies.

First results within a few days

The first results can be achieved after only a few days. With regular, daily listening, the effect is permanent.

More than 300,000 customers

Emotional Training was developed by Dagmar Herzog over 40 years ago and has helped over 300,000 people since then.

Optional personal coaching with experts

We also provide individual coaching and consulting sessions to our clients if they are interested.

Promote your employees' health.

The number of days lost due to mental illness is rising rapidly in Europe. Companies are looking for ideas on how to promote health, efficiency and performance and how to motivate their employees in the long run.

Support your employees in dissolving fears, stress, and depressive moods and in developing individual solutions and strategies, resilience, and inner strength!

How do you do that?

With the LUMEUS app

An innovative and easy-to-use emotional audio training.

LUMEUS app license

You and your employees receive the annual license for our app, which gives you access to all content including two bestselling e-books.

Video Masterclasses

You receive access to all video masterclasses (4 hours in total), which explain the method and content of the app in more detail.

Individual coachings

Get quick access to personal coaching sessions at any time.

Group follow ups

Regular group follow-ups are provided to ask questions about the app and application and discuss progress.

Seminars & workshops

You will have access to regular workshops and seminars organized by us.

Technical support

We provide qualified technical support on a permanent basis to solve problems or resolve difficulties.

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