To put it simply: Our behavior is shaped by emotions from the very beginning. Everything we have experienced with negative emotions promotes fear, stress, or sadness imprints in our brain. Everything we have experienced with positive emotions elevates feeling-good, pleasure, but also addiction imprints. These imprints control us against our will in thinking, feeling, and acting. These programs can only be changed to a limited extent with the mind.

We have two sides of the brain: a rational side and an emotional side. On the rational side, all cognitive processes take place, i.e. everything that has to do with thinking. On the emotional side, all information is stored that has to do with feelings, and this information is retrieved via sensory stimuli. And this is exactly where addiction programs are stored. All emotional experiences are evaluated in terms of survival strategies in the emotional center and stored as programs. These programs are what make us angry, anxious, or happy against our will, or make us crave food.

During our development, emotional reactions are often important for survival. It is very hard to influence them with rational thinking. Since they are survival strategies, we can hardly change these programs rationally. Opposing emotions, however, are able to change behavioral patterns. As an example: Think about whether you have ever felt really bad from a meal or from a drink. If so, did you eat or drink the same thing again immediately afterward? Probably not. The negative feelings you may have experienced with your favorite food are evaluated in the emotional center of the brain as a survival strategy and immediately change the perception. The consequence: you don’t like it anymore.

Our subconscious mind still works in exactly the same way as our ancestors. Through negative feelings, they learned to stop eating poisonous berries or to fight or flee when frightened. Or through positive feelings to repeat certain behaviors. The subconscious mind has not adjusted enough to civilization, which in our case means full refrigerators, supermarkets, modern work or school stress, or social media. In this day and age, wrong survival strategies can only be changed through new emotional information. And that is exactly what we do with our emotional training programs.

It doesn’t make a fundamental difference to the subconscious mind whether we really experience something or only experience it emotionally through our imagination. The feeling is the same. The same hormonal and other reactions are awakened in the emotional center. That is, it is the same hormonal information in the emotional center. That is why we have developed emotional training for children and adults so that you can work with strong emotions every day. Our harmonies music was composed exactly to the lyrics to intensify the emotions, just like in a movie.

The great thing is that the effect usually starts on the first day. But our experience shows us that it takes a daily workout to stay healthy and happy in the long term. The daily program is not hard, but it is important to take time for yourself from your busy life. The positive feelings we create every day will help you reduce anxiety and stress, stimulate your metabolism with happy hormones and boost your self-confidence. To get a positive attitude towards your daily workout tell yourself the nice saying from the commercial: „Because I am worth it“.

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