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Why children don’t sleep well

Is your child having trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, having nightmares, or can't sleep at all? All these variants of sleep disorders have the same internal cause: inner Unruhe, Stress, ÄngsteStress hormones are what keep us awake at night.


The longing for deep sleep is already so great because we urgently need rest in a world in which things are pretty chaotic. Like in our heads: We can no longer switch off, we are haunted by our stress right into our sleep. That's why we look for a calm space, where we can experience safety, security and finally let go. Children are also exposed to so-called stressors - i.e. triggers for stress - on a daily basis: teasing in kindergarten, homework or exams at school, the Corona pandemic. 

All this can cause stress and fear in children, leading to sleep disorders. You certainly know this yourself. Speaking in front of larger groups has been difficult for many of us since school. Presentations have caused discomfort and stomach aches and we would have preferred to stay in bed in the morning.

Unfortunately, we as parents cannot always be there in such challenging situations and directly support our children. But we can teach our children how to control their emotions themselves and how to cope with previously uncomfortable situations. Lumeus - App our emotional training for children, supports you in this

Only 10 to 15 minutes of daily training help children o reduce stress, restlessness, depressive moods, and fears and transform them into happiness, security, and peace. In this way, the causes of sleep problems are easily eliminated and your children can fall asleep and stay asleep better after only a short time

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