Surely you’ve already seen Checker Tobi’s feature on the Kinderkanal (KiKA) about our Kid’s Emotional Training. Here is how Tobi Krell introduces us in his show „Gefühle-Check“: „This is an app that aims to help children with the use of stories to cope better with fears or uncomfortable feelings.“ You can watch the whole show here and also try LUMEUS for free here.

Learning to deal with your own feelings

Behind the stories, which Tobi himself has recorded, is a whole training program that helps children to identify their emotions correctly and to deal with them. After all, anger, sadness, and fears can really get to children in certain situations. Parents, of course, do everything they can to help, but sometimes they need extra support to help them fall asleep better, deal with mean classmates at school, or learn how to best handle their own bodies. Our Kid’s Emotional Training is built on teaching children to manage their own emotions and to let them know that their parents always love and support them. This self-help approach is central to children’s health and personal growth, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Tobi and Yvonne show how it’s done

To breathe life into our stories we got help from Tobias Krell, better known as Checker Tobi and Yvonne Greitzke. You might have heard her in the German version of the Walt Disney movie „Frozen“, where she speaks to a part of Princess Anna. Together with them, we recorded our stories in the studio in Berlin – that was really an exciting day!!! In the video, you can see a short clip of our recordings with Tobi Krell and take a look into the recording studio.

Elon, the Pandeleon

Along for the ride always comes Elon, the Pandeleon, our lovable but unfortunately slightly clumsy fantasy creature. Together with him, the children experience in several audio stories how anger, fears, loneliness, or other uncomfortable emotions can be changed on their own. The stories are combined with audio training programs that specifically trigger positive emotions in children, leading to better sleep and less anxiety.

Stories and trainings with the Method

The children’s stories and the day and sleep trainings in our LUMEUS app are based on the Herzog Method. It has been helping people of all ages to reduce their own anxiety, depression, and sleep problems in the long term for over 25 years. What makes us unique is the combination of spoken visualizations and individually composed music that matches them. Together, spoken words and music evoke strong emotions in the listener, and that’s exactly what we need to change our unconscious behavioral patterns quickly and long-lasting.

But how does this work exactly? Each episode of our children’s training deals with a specific emotion or feeling. In the first part, for example, it’s the fear. It keeps children from falling asleep because the shadow of the trees suddenly seems overly threatening and looks like a tiger. And just at that moment before the fear takes over, Elon comes tumbling out of the closet, slightly out of place. He explains to the children that the feeling of „fear“ is a very old feeling that every human being – big or small – experiences and that is primarily there to protect us from danger. However, our everyday life today is different than it was many thousands of years ago when the feeling originated. Today, fear sometimes plays tricks on us and we are afraid without there being any danger. Learning that fear is a normal feeling for which there is sometimes no reason is the goal of the children’s stories. Of course, Elon also explains other feelings such as sadness or that every child is very special and unique. All that while he cheerfully changes the colors of his fur depending on his emotional state, so that everyone really knows that he is something very special.

© Adrian Roman Petriw

Sprecherin des Emotionalen Kindertrainings ist Yvonne Greitzke, bekannt als Prinzessin Anna aus dem Walt Disney Film “Die Eiskönigin”.

© Hans-Florian-Hopfner

Unser Emotionales Kindertraining wird von Tobias Krell, bekannt als Moderator der beliebten Kinderfernsehsendung Checker Tobi (KiKa) gesprochen.

© Anna Najadi-Janson

Sprecherin der Emotionalen Trainings für Erwachsene ist Dagmar Herzog, bekannt als Begründerin der Herzog-Methode und mehrfache Bestseller Autorin.

Read our stories

Mittlerweile haben wir alle Puzzleteile, die es für unser Trainingsprogramm braucht, zusammengefügt und du kannst unsere neue App kostenlos downloaden, um Elon persönlich kennenlernen – bitte wundere dich aber nicht, wenn er sich ab und zu ein bisschen daneben benimmt….er ist eben auch nur ein “Pandeleon” – eine Mischung aus Panda und Chameleon.

You can get the first sample here:

Lenny was investigating the unexpected visitor from the closet very carefully. “Your fur was blue just now, why did it change color? And how did you do that? „

“Good question Lenny, good question. Let’s get back to it later. For now, we have a lot to do“, said Elon, the Pandeleon, and shook himself as if he wanted to get ready for something. And as if by magic, his fur changed color again – from sun-yellow to bright grass-green!

“How do you know our names? And what is a Pandeleon and may I please, please touch your fur very quickly and aawwwwhhh ….- „, Pinky squeaked with enthusiasm, while she was stretching her hand longingly for Leon’s fur. He took a step back and Pinky staggered with her outstretched arm.

“But … What do we have to do now? It’s the middle of the night, ”Lenny asked, yawning. Then the Pandeleon asked: “Exactly, it’s the middle of the night. Then why aren’t you sleeping? ” Mmmh… ”Lenny muttered and shrugged. “Lenny can’t sleep because he’s scared. That’s why they call him scare-dy-Lenny in school ”, interrupted Pinky.

„Hey, you can’t sleep either!“ quietly replied Lenny. He felt uncomfortable in front of someone he didn’t even know, to admit that he was really scared at night – and that he was teased about it. “Well, bingo. That’s why I’m here. „, said Elon.

„Because the others call you scare-dy-Lenny too?“ Lenny asked hopefully. “No, Lenny. Because I want you to learn what fear really is.” “Learn what fear is? Like in the same way that I learned to calculate? I don’t need to, because I’m not afraid of anything! Never!“ Pinky said bravely. „Except for llamas …“ Lenny grinned. „Yes, except for llamas, but that …“, Pinky admitted quietly. „… is not bad at all!“ Elon interrupted. “Because Everyone is afraid sometimes. And that’s perfectly fine! To be honest, it would be pretty silly not to be afraid. Because sometimes fear protects us from doing really bad things! But mostly it’s the fear of the fear that is much worse than the fear itself. Does that make sense?”Judging by the looks of Pinky and Lenny: No, it wasn’t.

„Come on, I’ll show you.“ With that, Elon walked over to Lenny’s night lamp, switched it on, and, after a little stretching exercise, got ready to arrange his furry fingers into small figures to appear as huge shadows on the wall. Pinky laughed: “What? Do you want to make shadows with those cute little fingers? „Elon grinned: “ And quite impressive ones if I do say so myself“

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