What is the Herzog method?

The Emotional Training consists of various elements: Harmonies for the day and the evening, Affirmations and Relaxation Exercises. The Harmonies are powerful emotional exercises combining spoken word and emotional music, which affects targeted positive emotions. These positive emotions are remembered in the unconscious brain and can reduce anxiety and stress, boost self-confidence, and stimulate your metabolism.

Unique: the spoken visualizations and the film music are specifically developed to trigger strong positive emotions in the listener and, in turn, lead quickly and lastingly to a positive change in behavior.
Verena-Herzog-Pohl & Dagmar Herzog

Take a little bit of time every day. Just for yourself.

Best is in the morning when your body is awake and more receptive. In addition, the Harmonies and Affirmations give you a “kick start” to the day.

Sleep training should be used in the evening before going to bed.

How the Herzog Method works

40 years ago (1980), Dagmar Herzog developed the first emotional training, the Mental Weight-Loss Training, to help herself get away from a long-standing eating disorder. Dagmar researched that any addiction, whether alcohol, cigarettes, or food, the addictive substance is always experienced with positive emotions. This is because the addictive substance is linked in the brain with the association of love, security, comfort, and reward.

This is where the Herzog Method comes in. Through targeted training with emotions, the subconscious is reprogrammed. In this way, new behaviors are established, and old, disturbing, or even harmful patterns are discarded. Over the years, Dagmar developed her method further and created the Mental Sleep Training and the Anti-Anxiety & -Depression Training. In the meantime, the Herzog method has been scientifically validated and has helped over 300,000 people.
Based on the program, Dagmar’s daughter Verena developed the Emotional Child Training together with Dagmar. As a mother of two, it is important to her to convey feelings of love, security, and self-confidence to her children, even when she cannot be there physically. Therefore, the Emotional Kids Training was developed to teach children that these feelings arise from within themselves and that emotions are generally good for us. However, if the emotions are not wanted in certain situations e.g. fear in their own bedroom at night, kids learn how they can change these emotions themselves. By experiencing positive feelings in the visualizations – which are spoken journeys that evoke emotions in combination with classical music – children learn the tools, which help them reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive moods themselves.

The Herzog Method in a short video

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