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Healthy through the power of emotions: Statutory health insurers reimburse LUMEUS app

  • The stress reduction training is reimbursed by all statutory health insurers in Germany and has been certified by the Central Prevention Testing Laboratory.
  • The effectiveness of the emotional training was confirmed in a pilot study by the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, and further studies with renowned institutes are being planned.

Munich - July, 20th 2023.

Can positive emotions cure disease? It is clear that stress and depression are risk factors. Neuroimmunologist Hevda Haykin goes even further: In a series of scientific experiments, she finds that positive emotions intervene directly in the body's disease processes and can counteract them preventively and acutely.

A tool for one's own positive emotions is offered by the Munich-based startup EmoTrain. Two founders, entrepreneurs Dagmar Herzog and Verena Herzog-Pohl developed LUMEUS, the app for emotional training, based on emotion research. With it, they are revolutionizing the path to mental health - through the power of emotions. Developed in cooperation with physicians, psychologists and scientists, tested by the Psychiatric University Hospital Giessen and the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry. The LUMEUS Stress Reduction Training has now been certified by the Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention and is reimbursed by all statutory health insurers in Germany, among others.


How does LUMEUS work?

LUMEUS is a mental health app, an emotional training for different mental disorders, as a powerful tool to control your own emotions. Accompanied by individually composed orchestral music. Prominent speaker voices of the founder Dagmar Herzog or Tobias Krell known from "Checker Tobi" lead their listeners specifically inside their own emotions and away from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or unhealthy eating behavior. The reward center in the brain is a network of neurons that is activated in response to happiness and satisfaction. When this reward center is specifically stimulated and happiness hormones are released, healing processes in the body work faster, according to Hevda Haykin of the Israel Institute of Technology.

LUMEUS is based on the Herzog method and remains in the founding family. CEO Verena Herzog-Pohl is carrying her mother's life's work into the digital world. The Max Planck Institute in Munich has confirmed the effectiveness of emotion training for weight reduction in a pilot study. A study with a renowned British university on reducing anxiety and stress is currently being prepared.

Verena Herzog-Pohl, founder and CEO of the LUMEUS App:

"The rapidly increasing pace of our daily lives and the impact of the Corona pandemic have led to a surge in mental illness. Therapists and psychiatrists are booked up for months at a time and are at their limits. Our emotion training does not replace therapy, but it can prevent and counteract stress, anxiety and depression, scientifically proven, by giving people their own personal tools for emotional well-being."

Partnerships with health insurance companies and employers

The effectiveness of the Herzog method has been proven through extensive research and case studies. The LUMEUS stress-reduction training has been approved by the Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention and is thus reimbursed by all statutory health insurers in Germany. The private health insurance company ottonova has included LUMEUS in its health X program and also covers the costs for its insured. In addition, LUMEUS has been independently evaluated by the UK's Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) and is now recommended by doctors, psychologists and clinics of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK as an effective and safe mental health app for their patients. Strong partners such as a large bank in Switzerland offer LUMEUS as a mental health service for their employees. Joint studies with renowned scientific institutes and partnerships with well-known brands are currently being planned.

Users can have the emotional training for stress reduction reimbursed by the statutory health insurance and get full access to all training units of the app for six months free of charge. The app is available in all major app stores. A free trial version allows new customers to see for themselves the positive effect of the training on their mental health.

About EmoTrain GmbH and LUMEUS:

EmoTrain GmbH is a leading company in the field of mental health and emotional training. The company is known for its innovative approaches to promoting well-being and personal development. EmoTrain combines the latest findings from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and music therapy to offer transformative solutions to mental health problems.

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