Daydreaming is good!

Even if you have been told from an early age not to daydream all the time – do it anyway! Psychologists have long known that daydreaming makes you happy, relaxed, and balanced. It strengthens your self-confidence, creative potential and helps you find strategies to solve problems. In addition, you can experience strong feelings of happiness through daydreams and thereby reduce stress hormones.

Contrary to old prejudices, daydreams do not cause a loss of reality, but help to change reality, i.e. to develop further. If you emotionally experience wishes and goals from your innermost being through daydreams, this is the strongest motivation to also achieve these goals. Because if you can already experience the feelings of happiness that you feel when you realize your wishes, you will do everything you can to achieve your goal – and the feelings associated with it.

Remember: successful people have always believed in their goal and felt it!

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