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Melodies for billions – how music affects our emotional health

  You probably know it too, when the day was too stressful and the first thing you do after coming home is put your favorite playlist on to relax. Or when even if not everyone likes to admit it, it always gives you goosebumps when you hear Whitney singing "I will always love you". Or when, at the end of the year, "Last Christmas" by Wham plays on the radio for the first time - some people can’t stand it and others get this warm feel-good feeling. There are certainly numerous other examples, but it quickly becomes clear that music is a powerful tool when it comes to evoking emotions in us. This realization is not new. Places, where this effect is definitely heavily implemented, are...

Our App in Checker Tobi “Gefühle Check”

Surely you've already seen Checker Tobi's feature on the Kinderkanal (KiKA) about our Kid's Emotional Training. Here is how Tobi Krell introduces us in his show “"Gefühle-Check": "This is an app that aims to help children with the use of stories to cope better with fears or uncomfortable feelings." You can watch the whole show here and also try LUMEUS for free here. Learning to deal with your own feelingsBehind the stories, which Tobi himself has recorded, is a whole training program that helps children to identify their emotions correctly and to deal with them. After all, anger, sadness, and fears can really get to children in certain situations. Parents, of course, do everything they can to help, but sometimes they need extra support to help them fall asleep better, deal with...