For a clear mind and renewed energy

Discover the power of BioRICS x LUMEUS

A personalized app that reveals what your body already knew. It creates awareness of the effects of chronic stress and inadequate mental recovery on health and well-being - including early risk detection.
It promotes more restful regeneration, healthier habits, reduces time pressure and improves sleep to optimize energy balance. The result: long-term monitoring of energy balance leads to positive effects on personal health and performance.

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Energy in focus with BioRICS

Creating awareness:

The effect of chronic stress & lack of mental recovery on health and wellbeing (early risk detection)

Optimal Energy Balance:

Taking care of more recovery, better habits, less time pressure, better sleep, etc.


long-term monitoring of the energy balance = positive effect on personal health and performance

Mindstrech by BioRICS explained

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BioRICS aims to make people more healthy, resilient and ready to perform....because personalized insights are essential in preventive health management and early risk detection.


Via patented scientifically validated algorithms that use objective real-time data, extracted from affordable devices (wearables).


BioRICS permanently monitors, analyses and reports on the individual metabolic energy balance, short and long term (GDPR compliant).

BioRICS shows mental regeneration through LUMEUS training

In a world dominated by work and technology, our internal clock is often out of balance, while at the same time the importance of restful sleep is neglected.
We successfully carried out a four-week test with a female test subject who is 41 years old, works full-time and has two children. This test subject used the Biorics x LUMEUS training. The positive effects were clearly visible.

Discover our innovative partnership with BioRICS Mindstretch to improve sleep quality and mental recovery. BioRICS offers impressive technology for live monitoring of stress levels.

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