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Scientifically proven

The Herzog method is scientifically proven and has been successfully tested in studies regarding its effectiveness.

First results within a few days

First results can be achieved within a few days. With regular and daily listening the effect is permanent.

Over 300,000 customers

The Emotional Training was developed by Dagmar Herzog over 40 years ago and has helped over 300,000 people since then.

Optional personal coaching with experts

We also provide individual coaching and consulting sessions to our clients if they are interested.

Promote health of your employees

The number of days lost due to mental illness is rising rapidly in Europe. Companies are looking for ideas on how they can promote health, efficiency, and performance and how
to motivate their employees in the long term.
Support your employees in dissolving fears, stress, and depressive moods and in developing individual solutions and strategies, resilience, and inner strength! How? With the LUMEUS app: an innovative and easy-to-use emotional audio training.

Our offer to increase productivity

LUMEUS app with access to all trainings (yearly license)

146 Emotional Training Tracks + 150 min instrumental soundtracks

Workshops and seminars (on site/online)

Group follow ups (on site/online)

Video Masterclasses (4 hours) to encourage understanding and the ongoing use of the training

Bestselling ebooks: ``The Power of Emotions`` + “Lasting Weight Loss without a Diet”

Quick access to personal help: individual coaching sessions are available anytime upon request

Who is behind the method?

Over 40 years ago (1980), Dagmar Herzog developed the first emotional training program, Mental Weight Loss Training, to help herself get away from a long-standing eating disorder. Dagmar had recognized that in every addiction, whether alcohol, cigarettes or food, the addictive substance is always experienced with positive emotions, because it is linked in the brain with ideas of love, security, comfort, reward. This is where the Herzog Method comes in. Through targeted training with emotions, the subconscious is reprogrammed. In this way, new behaviors are established and old, disturbing or even harmful patterns are discarded.

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