The Tinus.One is an innovative sleep aid for people who suffer from tinnitus that usually are connected with ringing in the ears or sleep disturbances. Numerous studies show that music and soft sounds can help you fall asleep. Tinus.One is your natural sleep aid for a healthy sleep.

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We help families

As a family business, our goal is to help children and adults to live happier and more relaxed life. That’s why we offer various programs that have been specially developed to target and eliminate anxiety, depressive moods, sleeplessness, and obesity.
Anti Angst & Depressionstraining
Happiness begins within you. With our Anti-Anxiety & Depression Training, you learn to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depressive moods and transform them into happiness.
Emotional Weight-loss Training
Our Emotional Weight-Loss Training changes your eating behavior quickly and permanently to the eating behavior of an unconditioned child or adult. Thus, you can find your feel-good weight easily without dieting or sweaty workouts.
Emotional Sleep Training
Fall asleep, stay asleep, get a full night’s rest: with this training you can improve your sleeping problems and finally sink back into a relaxed, easy, and peaceful sleep.
Kids Emotional Training
With our new Kids Emotional Training, in which we use the Herzog Method that has been tried and tested for many years, we help children regain better sleep, more self-confidence, more concentration and to be calm again.

Emotional Training

Power Harmonies, for self-confidence, trust and inner peace. These are "fantasy journeys" enhanced with classical music that release feelings of happiness and reduce negative feelings such as stress or anxiety

Affirmations for inner strength and a positive self-image. The affirmations are reinforced by classical music. Thus, you learn not only to think positively, but also to feel positively.

Text and audio seminars for more background knowledge on emotion and brain research. Here you will learn how to give situations a new emotional evaluation, so that you can lead a happy life again.

Children's stories, that help children successfully deal with their emotions and change them into the positive. These are specially developed audio plays, recorded by.

Successful since 20 years

Power Harmonies, for self-confidence, strength and concentration. These are fantasy journeys enhanced with classical music to listen to and participate in. They are spoken by Michella Moss.

Sleep Harmonies for peace, serenity and restful sleep. Just like the Power Harmonies, these fantasy journeys are amplified with classical music.

With the Herzog Method, we help people to generate positive emotions. How do we do this? Same as a soundtrack is being composed for a film to evoke emotions in a viewer, we compose emotional music to our spoken audio scenes. With these targeted emotions, the causes of anxiety, sleep disturbance, and depressive moods can be successfully reduced in the long term. The training was developed in cooperation with psychologists, film composers, and writers with the aim of reducing stress.

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