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In our blog, you will find the latest news about our audio trainings and the latest studies around the health and emotions of children and families.

The impact of depression on working life

Statistically, in almost every company there are depressed. What responsibility do employers or colleagues have when it comes to dealing with sick people? If an employee starts to appear unhappy...

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Reprogramming – Our brain

Mathematics and the human brain In one of my math classes, our professor mentioned some interesting studies by John Von Neumann and when I researched further, I found a study...

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Our App in Checker Tobi “Gefühle Check”

Surely you’ve already seen Checker Tobi’s feature on the Kinderkanal (KiKA) about our Kid’s Emotional Training. Here is how Tobi Krell introduces us in his show ““Gefühle-Check”: “This is an app that...

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Why children don’t sleep well

Is your child having trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, having nightmares, or can’t sleep at all? All these variants of sleep disorders have the...

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Why are Emotions so important?

To put it simply: Our behavior is shaped by emotions from the very beginning. Everything we have experienced with negative emotions promotes fear, stress, or sadness imprints in our brain....

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Daydreaming is good!

Even if you have been told from an early age not to daydream all the time – do it anyway! Psychologists have long known that daydreaming makes you happy, relaxed,...

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Das Unterbewusstsein

Auch du kannst die ungewollten Programme in deinem Unterbewusstsein selbst verändern! Teste unsere App einfach unverbindlich und kostenlos eine Woche lang. Du wirst schon nach kurzer Zeit merken, wie schnell...

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