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7 methods against Unproductivity in the home office

While it was already everyday life for some people, many people had to adapt to working from home, especially at the beginning of Corona. Some did this more easily than others, but less peer feedback, little encouragement, and fewer interpersonal interactions increase unproductivity, risk of burnout, and risk of developing depression...

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The impact of depression on working life

Some people at work might believe that depression is a reaction to a difficult work environment - and that's understandable. But depression is a much more complicated illness. And most people who are depressed at work aren't like that because of work....

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Reprogramming - Our brain

Mathematics and the Human Brain In one of my mathematics lectures, our professor mentioned some interesting studies by John Von Neumann and when I researched further, I found a study in which he made a parallel...

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The power of imagination

Close your eyes and imagine a loved one. Can you see him very clearly? Can you see the hair color, the shape of the face and the small details that make him...

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Our App in Checker Tobi "Gefühle Check"

Surely you have already seen the contribution of Checker Tobi on the children's channel (KiKA), which is about our Emotional Children's Training. In the "Emotions Check" Tobi Krell introduces us: "this is...

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Why children don’t sleep well

Whether your child has trouble falling asleep, wakes up in the middle of the night, or can't sleep a wink far too early - all these variants of sleep disorders have the same internal cause:...

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Why are Emotions so important?

Simplified: Our behavior is shaped by emotions from the very beginning. Everything we have experienced with negative emotions promotes fear, stress or sadness imprints in the brain. Everything that...

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Daydreaming is good!

Even if you have learned from an early age not to dream all the time - do it anyway! Psychologists have long known that daydreams make you happy, relaxed and balanced. They strengthen the...

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