The Subconscious

You feel bad - but can't quite put your finger on it? You feel stressed, anxious, or depressed - and often ask yourself why? What you consciously experience, feel, and think is only the tip of the iceberg. What plays a much bigger role is what is happening in our subconsciousness. We react spontaneously to many situations with emotional and behavioral patterns that are stored in our subconscious. If you want to get out of such patterns, you have to find access to your subconscious.

The subconscious is the place of our feelings, memories, ideas, impressions, instincts, and intuition. . Sometimes we are not aware of them at the moment, but nevertheless, they strongly influence our actions and thoughts. Often it makes perfect sense that we react automatically, i.e. unconsciously, because otherwise we would be hopelessly overwhelmed with thoughts and decisions - for example when driving a car. Sometimes, however, "automatic" reactions and behavior patterns are not (anymore) appropriate.

It is fascinating to observe how the subconscious mind reacts to emotions like stress, grief, anger, or fear : It activates protective programs to reduce stress hormones and thus protect the body from harm. An experiment from sleep research shows how necessary this is: rats were prevented from sleeping for almost three weeks. After 20 days, the animals died. Not from lack of sleep, but from banal infections. Their immune system had collapsed due to the excess of stress hormones

When the subconscious looks for ways to reduce stress hormones , it falls back on old experiences and activates behaviors that were once successful.

Anyone who was often given sweets as a consolation as a child will probably automatically reach for sweets in stressful situations as an adult.

This is where LUMEUS App comes in. With our audio training exercises, you specifically retrain the subconscious mind to eliminate old, harmful behaviors and build new, better behaviors.

You too can change the unwanted programs in your subconscious! Try LUMEUS App for one week without obligation and free of charge. You will notice after a short time how quickly the daily emotional audio training works.

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