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Advantages of mental health prevention programs in the workplace

Mental health is recognized as an important component of health throughout a person's life. It does not focus solely on mental health problems (including mental illness) but also addresses the positive aspects of mental health. This is because the ability of a person to function properly in the emotional, cognitive, and social spheres is a prerequisite for good health and well-being.The places where we spend time - working, living, or resting - play a key role in maintaining and improving our mental health and preventing disorders. Most people spend about one-third of their day at work. Therefore, the workplace is an important place to promote mental health. Of course, mental health is affected not only by the environment we live in but also by the...


Reprogramming – Our brain

Mathematics and the human brain In one of my math classes, our professor mentioned some interesting studies by John Von Neumann and when I researched further, I found a study where he showed connections and similarities between our brain and mathematics. I have been studying mathematics for 7 years now, and lately, my interest in the connection between the brain and my field of study has increased. Given the complexity of our brain and the large number of calculations it performs in a short period of time, I became all the more curious to look into it more deeply. How the brain works is still a mystery to many today. The human brain has a complex structure: to grasp the scope of this computing machine, one must...